Veterans Administration Students

The school will notify the Veterans Administration (VA) when a student receiving VA education benefits is placed on Academic Warning or Academic Probation. Students will be advised of any counseling services available to them at the school in order to resolve academic or other problems and to establish a meaningful plan for successful completion of their education or training. The school will also remind students of the counseling services and tutorial assistance benefits available through the VA. When a student has failed to maintain prescribed standards of progress, the VA will be informed promptly so that benefit payments can be discontinued in accordance with the law. The termination date assigned by the school will be the last day of the term or other evaluation period in which the student’s progress became unsatisfactory. Schools that provide a period of academic warning or probation may not continue to certify a veteran or eligible person (who remains in an unsatisfactory academic status) for an indefinite period of time. The school will withdraw any student who remains in an unsatisfactory academic status for more than two successive periods and report the withdrawal to the VA. The credit hours attempted cannot exceed 1.5 times the credit hours required to complete the credit-hour program.